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Commotion Router

Commotion Router is a distribution of OpenWRT Linux that supports the wireless routers listed by vendor below. If you're not sure which file to download, check the full list of devices we currently support.

For instructions on getting Commotion set up on your router, see the installation instructions, linked in each of the manufacturer sections below. After installation, check the Commotion Configuration pages if you need help setting up the hardware. If you are updating from older versions of Commotion (Pre-Release, Developer Release, or 1.0 versions), read through the Upgrade Guide on our wiki.

The current Commotion release is v1.1 "Grumpy Cat"



Ubiquiti AirMax Routers

Installation Instructions
Router Signature MD5 Size
PicoStation M2, Bullet M2 and M5, AirGrid M2 and M5 models
    Factory Install File   0a6a078613d1c98a44d9eefa81eea022 5.1 MB
    Upgrade File   d73edd5c9b6606f029a50d5a8cf57edb 5.1 MB
NanoStation M2 and M5, NanoBridge M2 and M5 models
    Factory Install File   b5eff94d6ab9434e340e3e4ed19c695d 5.1 MB
    Upgrade File   96b8b4f96670fa4449a9ec30fefa0f90 5.1 MB
Rocket M2 and M5 models
    Factory Install File   b1cd3beb898e465915116103969ab41e 5.1 MB
    Upgrade File   f31ebbe137da96976efe0062332699af 5.1 MB

Released October 10th, 2014

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points

Installation Instructions
Router Signature MD5 Size
UniFi AP-Outdoor
    Factory Install File   afe2d1e69b5c84820efd5dbed6c42434 5.1 MB
    Upgrade File   5d13188412eb1b4f94bceec0e3b281ec 5.1 MB
UniFi AP and AP-LR models
    Factory Install File   3a0fbd689dbaf7f4df84650e27d7dc57 5.1 MB
    Upgrade File   48d8225f2a7b19f18f34dd75f3cca8d1 5.1 MB

Released October 10th, 2014

Installation Instructions
Router Signature MD5 Size
    Factory Install File   32120851ded12e16c6b6c4487d51c30e 7.8 MB
    Upgrade File   7b10c4f8ab23176064afcbe875df0001 5.1 MB
    Factory Install File   ce027f062f58b4047acd6111c692297a 7.8 MB
    Upgrade File   04fc87e88884f707c2e2af3692b90738 5.1 MB

Released October 10th, 2014

Mikrotik Routerboards

Installation Instructions
Router Signature MD5 Size
RB411, RB411/AH
    Boot Image   33a8ba7a24fcf48993387639d712c3ff 6.6 MB
    Kernel Installation File   374f098948ff5b296092dc6ac7301b04 2.7 MB
    Installation Filesystem   4b5f3089d5f9c3faedc601ef2d2c0548 5.4 MB

Released October 13th, 2014

Don't see your device listed? Check the router hardware "in testing" wiki page for a full list of devices being tested with Commotion OpenWRT.

Other Versions

Nightly Builds:

If you are interested in trying the newest features of Commotion Router, check out the nightly builds and contact us for support questions. Nightly built images of Commotion OpenWRT are generated from our build server, and contain the most up to date feature and bug fix commits. They are considered working, but may be unstable.

Previous versions:

Build From Source

Commotion-Router's source code is available on GitHub: See the Commotion-Router README for information on building and installing from source.