Get Started

Connect with Others

Mesh networking begins with people. Work with your community to determine communication needs, interests, and willingness to participate and help. Start with conversations or meetings about how your group could use mesh networking. For help, see the Planning modules in the Commotion Construction Kit. We also encourage you to read our frequently asked questions.

Choose your devices

Commotion can be used on a variety of devices. Depending on your community’s needs, you need to select the hardware that will form your network. The network can be made up of cell phones, computers, and routers. Review our Supported Devices to get started.

Install and Configure

Each device you use needs Commotion software. Learn how to flash routers, root phones, and configure Commotion software using our Install + Configure guides. These installation procedures vary based on what hardware you’re using.

Build Your Network

Deploy the network and get multiple devices to communicate in your location. Teach users in your community how to connect to the network.

Explore Your Network

Try out services offered by mesh apps on your network or share your Internet connection with the network so others can get online.

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