Commotion Construction Kit

The Commotion Construction Kit is a set of documentation tools that the Open Technology Institute has used in trainings around the world and at home. It is a “do it ourselves” guide to building wireless mesh networks.

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You will be able to use them on your own or to work with a group of people. There is no one right way to move through them. You will find tools to help you learn the software and build and mount the hardware, as well as tools to help you organize with others in your neighborhood to plan, build, and promote a network. The modules are designed to be used by individuals or groups for self-guided learning or to teach workshops or trainings. Start to explore anywhere and let us know how it goes for you.

Like the Commotion software, these materials are open source, which means development on them continues and community involvement is critical. This first wave of modules represents a work in progress. The current set of modules are briefly described below.

You can also download a .zip archive file of containing PDF versions of all current Commotion Construction Kit modules and supporting activities.


Installing and Configuring

  • Install on a Ubiquiti Router: A step-by-step process for installing Commotion Wireless on Ubiquiti routers, which are amenable to changing operating systems.
  • Configure Commotion: Instructions on configuring a Commotion wireless node through the Commotion Setup Wizard and through the administration interface.
  • Common Configurations: How a node should be configured depends on how it needs to funtion on the mesh network. Learn about different ways to configure a Commotion node.
  • Troubleshoot Your Wireless Node: Includes steps to identify and solve the most common problems that may arise with your Commotion router or wireless network.
  • Install and Recover with TFTP: An alternate installation process if the regular approach does not work or there is a problem with installing Commotion Wireless.

Building and Mounting



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Commotion Construction Kit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Please share any derivative works with the Commotion community by emailing the Commotion-discuss list, or Tweeting with the hashtag #commotion.