Download Commotion for Desktop/Laptop Computers

Verifying Downloads

We use the best practice of using GPG signatures to sign our downloads. This allows you to verify that the files you download here were released by us if you choose to.

To verify our downloads (optional), you'll need the

Commotion Signing Key

and the GPG signature for the downloaded file. This image links to each download's GPG signature:

Find out more on our Verifying Downloads page.

Commotion Client

The Commotion development team has redesigned the roadmap for a more general, cross-compiled/cross-platform Commotion Client. Active development of Commotion Client is ongoing.

Commotion Client development will focus first on a fully functional application for Linux, followed by clients for Mac and Windows.

Unsupported Prototype Clients


Our prototype client which led to this change in design direction was Commotion Linux. Initial Development of Commotion Linux resulted in .deb packages compatible with Ubuntu and Debian Linux. We provide the Commotion Linux .deb packages for posterity and for interested parties to use. See the Readme file in the **commotion-linux-py.deb package** for installation instructions. Note that Commotion Linux comaptible with our DR2 release, but is not compatible with more recent versions of Commotion such as Commotion Router 1.0 and 1.1. It is also not supported by the Commotion team.

Mac OS

Commotion MeshBook is an open-source OSX utility app that allows Mac computer to create and connect to mesh networks and meshed devices. A basic networking client and profile manager is available for OS X versions 10.7 and 10.8. Commotion MeshBook is a proof of concept prototype and is no longer in active development.

Commotion MeshBook will be superceded by Commotion Client.

The Commotion MeshBook prototype is available on our Github Project page if you are interested in building, testing or contributing to the Commotion MeshBook app.


The Commotion client for Windows operating systems is a proof of concept prototype and is unsupported. Interested persons can find instructions on compiling the Commotion Windows client on our Github Project, commotion-winmesh.

Commotion WinMesh will be superceded by Commotion Client.