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Verifying Downloads

We use the best practice of using GPG signatures to sign our downloads. This allows you to verify that the files you download here were released by us if you choose to.

To verify our downloads (optional), you'll need the

Commotion Signing Key

and the GPG signature for the downloaded file. This image links to each download's GPG signature:

Find out more on our Verifying Downloads page.

Commotion Android

Pre-built downloads for the Commotion android devices we currently support are listed below.


  • Your phone must be rooted to run this package.
  • Commotion Android will connect to Commotion networks up to Commotion Router PR3. However, it is not fully feature compatible with Commotion Router 1.0 or higher.
  • See the Commotion Android Supported Hardware page for device-specific information.

Version Information

Current Release = (PR3)  Pre-Release 3
Next Release = v1.0

Stable Builds:

File Date Size MD5
Developer Pre-Release (PR3)
CommotionMeshTether-pr3.apk 09/17/2012 02:36 am 2.2 MB d80f078b6150daa1cb4dd6e79d134eea