Commotion-Router Developer Resources


Commotion-Router is a highly customized version of the OpenWRT embedded Linux distribution. The main project repository (Commotion-Router) contains only the scripts and default files needed to download OpenWRT and add Commotion's packages to the OpenWRT build system. Those Commotion packages are defined in the packages directory of the Commotion Feed repo. Source code for individual Commotion-Router packages can be found in the repositories (PKG_SOURCE_URL) and branches (PKG_VERSION) specified in their respective Commotion Feed Makefiles.

By default, Commotion-Router is configured to build images for Ubiquiti devices using the master branch of each project repo. New development takes place in feature branches, which are merged to master after function testing. See the GitHub Workflow document on the Commotion Wiki for information on branching and submitting patches.

Commotion-Router can theoretically be built for any OpenWRT-compatible device with sufficient flash storage to install the 5.4MB Commotion image. However, at present, devices using the ar7xxx/ar9xxx chipsets have the best wireless driver compatibility.


See the OpenWRT Easy Build guide for OpenWRT's minimum build prerequisites. You may encounter additional dependencies when building or developing specific Commotion packages.


See the Commotion Router Readme on GitHub.