Commotion Router v1.1 "Grumpy Cat" Released!

2014-10-15 / Josh King

We are very pleased to announce the v1.1 release for our Commotion Router firmware! This release finalizes many bugfixes and stability enhancements in our stable v1.x “Grumpy Cat” branch.

Changes since v1.1rc2:

  • Fixed a memory leak in the Commotion client API.
  • Improved handling of bridge interfaces.
  • Numerous fixes to input validation in the web interface.
  • Upgrade to OLSRd v0.6.6.
  • More reliable handling of app announcements.
  • Updated user documentation.
  • Official support for TP-Link WDR3600, TP-Link WDR4300, and Mikrotik RB411AH


Commotion Router v1.1 is built on OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment trunk, OLSRd v0.6.6, libserval, and other software. It also includes the Commotion-specific components listed below (with links to their release notes):


A huge thank you to the development team, our implementors, and our community that contributed to the v1.1 release series. Just a few of the people to recognize:

This release is backwards-compatible with v1.1rc2, and we encourage all our users to upgrade. You can find images available for download on our downloads page. For more information about fixes and improvements since v1.0, please see the release notes for v1.1rc1 and v1.1rc2. Source code for the project is available via Github.