Commotion Contributors

Commotion is created by a large community of contributors, both volunteers and paid developers. Below are a number of present and past contributors to the software.

Current Contributors

Josh King

Josh King first started working with community wireless networks and mesh routing in 2006, when he served as a volunteer network engineer for the Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN). Since then, he has been one of the organizers of the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks and started work on the Commotion software distribution in 2010. As lead developer, Josh focuses his development efforts on the Commotion Daemon and other low-level tools, as well as being the maintainer for the Commotion Router firmware. He currently works at the Open Technology Institute as their Lead Technologist.

Dan Staples

Dan Staples is an activist and coder from Baltimore, and has been a Commotion developer since 2012. Dan focuses on back-end and C development for the Commotion router firmware and desktop client, specifically local service announcement. He maintains the following components:

Dan is also the author and maintainer of MediaGrid, a distributed service for mesh networks providing takedown-resistant filesharing and encrypted webchat. In addition to development, Dan is active on the Commotion dev and discuss email lists, and hangs out in the #commotion Freenode IRC channel under the nickname ‘dismantl’. Follow him on Twitter at @_dismantl

Georgia Bullen

Georgia is a UX Designer, data nerd and urban planner. She works closely with the Commotion user community helping with network planning and build out using the Commotion Construction Kit. She is the OTI point of contact for the Red Hook WiFi network and Digital Stewards program. Georgia collects and helps to synthesize user feedback into the Commotion development process, helping with user interface designs, user testing, CCK documentation, and support. Georgia can be reached on IRC at ‘georgiabullen,’ twitter @georgiamoon, and on github as ‘georgiamoon.’

Chris Ritzo

Chris is an information-science-y librarian and all around hardware geek. He test Commotion on new devices, coordinates support for people inquiring about and using Commotion, maintains the website and developer wiki, and works with the team on UI/UX issues, content and information architecture. Contact Chris on IRC at 'critzo,' github or email: critzo opentechinstitute org. </p>

Andy Gunn

Andy is the Field Engineer for the Open Technology Institute, working on deploying community technology that enhances and strengthens the right to communication. To that end, he focuses on training and educational materials and workshops for individuals and groups to assist with building and maintaining that community technology. Sharing skills through participatory hands-on projects helps to demystify a technology and build the next generation of teachers and trainers.

Andy focuses primarily on community trainings, workshops, and the Commotion Construction Kit, along with other how-to guides for the project. Contact Andy on IRC at 'andygunn', on Github, or on Twitter.

Past Contributors

Seamus Tuohy

Seamus designs, develops, conducts user testing, documents, and maintains embedded web based user interfaces for machine control of embedded devices. [He makes router front ends. ] He has also been known to script together tools for understanding developer communities, giving presentations on how the internet works, and yelling at SVG’s. You can follow him on twitter @seamustuohy, on github as elationfoundation, and on his very neglected website

If you are battling with any of the following repositories, feel free to curse his name on the #commotion freenode irc channel or on the dev or discuss listserv’s. He also accepts lavish praise.