About Commotion

Commotion is a free, open-source communication tool that uses wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks. Commotion provides a way for you to share your Internet connection with the people around you, but it is not a replacement for your Internet connection. Read more about how Commotion works on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Mesh Networking Across Devices

Wireless mesh networks allow devices to connect directly to each other without going through a centralized point. Mesh networks are self-healing and can grow organically. They also allow for easy sharing of services over the network, such as Internet and applications.

We aim to:

  • create a simple, easy-to-use communications tool that anyone can set up and use without technical expertise
  • provide a platform for building community wireless networks and hosting local applications
  • build a tool for creating infrastructure that is resilient against surveillance and disruption
  • develop a flexible, open-source software platform that programmers around the globe can continually adapt and build upon

Want to learn more?

Learn more about where Commotion is being tested. To learn how Commotion works, read our documentation.

Feel free to contact us.

Commotion is led by the Open Technology Institute.

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